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DRC Basketball was born on the basketball court nearly 15 years ago. Following never-ending battles between its founding members on the court and a growing friendship between them around it. Today, enriched by basketball and management experience, the founders meet again, aiming on bringing Congolese basketball back to life.
VANDESCURE Jacques (president): Jacques is a former professional player who dedicates his time to encourage and discover new talent. Jacques brings his high Basketball IQ to the team, using his experience playing for the Belgian young national team, and winning the belgian national title and cup while playing professional basketball for Antwerp.
As a youngster, Jacques Played two years in junior college (Eastern Wyoming College) where he became the team captain, All-conference (97-98), All region (98) and Wyoming player of the year (98). Jacques was ranked in the top 100 junior college transfer in 98 by the national junior college committee. After his junior college years, Jacques played at Winthrop University NCAA 1st div, where we won the Big South Tournament in 99 and made an appearance in the NCAA tournament. His team was voted biggest turnaround team by the NCAA committee.
Jacques is travelling the world in order to pursue the goal of bringing back to his native Congolese community.

HADAD Moran (vp and finances): Civil engineer specialized in telecommunications and new technologies, Moran never forgot his passion for the game nor the importance of its education. Responsible of Finance and Administration, Moran brings years of experience in project management both in Europe and Africa.
President of Together in Life NGO, Moran brings another dimension to the DRCB project, as he brings his experience in working with local population toward the achievement of sustainable development through the DRCB on the ground projects.
STAS Jacques (Spokesman): One of the biggest figures of the Belgian Basketball scene, Jacques was voted player of the year on two occasions and served as the national basketball team captain for 13 years. After a long and successful career as a player, Jacque's currently serving as an assistant coach for the national squad (since 2005), as well as manager of the biggest Belgian basketball team "Les Spirous de Charleroi".
Jacque implication in the DRCB Project is valuable given his rich international experience, and sense of management.

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