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The DRCB vision is joined by many associations arround the world. Basketball being a team sport, it seemed natural to join forces with some of them in order to create an influence poll capable of bringing change. Knowing DRCB and its activities goes through knowing and understanding our partners arround the world.
This section of our website is aiming on giving you a better view of our partners, their mission, their projects and their actions.

Together in Life (www.togetherinlife.org): Founded in 2005 following a serie of on th ground assements, together in life serves a double role. Sustainable development on one hand and cultural exchange enhencement on the other.
Together in Life's long term goal is to achieve the mere understanding that we are all in this together, together on this planet, together in life ...

Pijibi Goma (www.pjbgoma.com): "Promo Jeunes Basket" association has set as its mission to help young orphans and street children in Goma.
PJB implements prevention activities, education and assistance to young victims and their relatives.

African Basketball Online
: ABO is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) international organization dedicated to developing basketball, and providing leadership education to students, coaches, administrators, and organizations in Africa.
ABO uses the basketball camps and coaches' clinics as a tool to help mold the character of each participant positively, while instilling an invaluable knowledge of the basics and fundamentals of the game of basketball.
Friendly Foot (www.friendlyfoot.be): Friendly Foot association was created in order to help disadvantaged children in the world enabling them to learn. We sometimes help by building a school but mostly by providing school supplies. We try to be practical and on the ground.
We aime at teaching our kids that in life, as in their sport they are no longer facing their fate alone.

Fight for Five (www.fightforfive.org): The goal of "Fight For Five" is to create a global awareness campaign for the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congo is one of the poorest economic and civil disasters on the planet.

Working together in order to achieve progress !
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