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Every one of DRCB's missions is summarized by a report stating its goals and results. On this page you can find a description of some of those reports. For a complete report please contact us directly.

Mission Report - June 2010: The DRCB team had organized a basketball tournament in honor of the independence 50th anniversary. During this unique event, followed by local media, over 500 young players got the chance to work on their skills learning from fellow professionals. Our team had also donated basketball gear to local players and basketball associations. Our spokeswoman, Kathy Wambe, filled in perfectly her star guest role, sharing her rich experience with the locals.


Mission Report - May 2010: The DRCB team will visit the Seed Hoop Forum in Senegal, conducted to provide fundamental skill instruction as well as promoting sportsmanship and the team concept of play. The Seed Hoop Forum is presided by Amadou Fall head of the african NBA Cares program.


Mission Report - February 2010: A 10 day visite of M. Vandescure in the DRC (Kinshasa) meeting local actors and potential prospects. The success of this mission led to DRCB's next on the ground project that will take place in June 2010.


Mission Report - October 2009: On the ground presence for a 3 to 9 month scouting mission. M. Vandescure's presence will help establish a coach training program with our active on the ground partners.

Project Report - June 2009: Birth of the Congolease sports education academy idea in Katanga. Project led with association with Together in Life and fight for five.

Situation report - January 2008: Complete report listing basketball teams, facilities and players in the DRC. Emphasise put on the capital city of Kinshasa...

Mission summary - June 2008: Summary of our team's mission in the DRC. Representatives of the Belgian office flew to the DRC to further establish local presence, and launch DRCB's Database project...

Championship report - September 2008: Briefing written by DRCB's local reporters regarding the 25th Congolese championship cup won by Bc Mazembe (Lubumbashi) after a thriller against Bc Lupopo (Katanga) by the score of 51-50...

FIBA 23rd African champions cup - December 2008: Comments on FIBA's report regarding the selection of 2 basketball clubs from the DRC, Lupopo and Onatra, to participate in FIBA's 23rd African Champions cup.
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