> Mission Statement
DRC Basketball is a Congolese non profit association based in both Kinshasa and Brussels (Belgium).

We set as our goal to centralize basketball related information from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and share it with our privileged basketball partners around the world.

DRCB can help also you, as a Congolese basketball player/figure in many ways :
  • Establishing a professional Basketball Structure with International potential.
  • Getting educated through sports scholarship in some of the world's best schools.
  • Find a professional team in USA/Europe for developing your career.

For the past years, we have gathered information around the DRC, constituting a comprehensive database, serving as the backbone of our structure.

Our consulting services and on the ground presence, ensures the success of your Congolese basketball quest. We will welcome you and assist you through your journey, enabling you to achieve maximum efficiency.

M. Vandescure with M. Boni Mwawatnai, President of the FEBACO

A support letter from the FEBACO
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