> Independence anniversary Basket ball tournament - 27th - 30th June 2010 !
DRCB is honored to welcome to the independance tournament this years special guest : Kathy Wambe

WAMBE Kathy: Kathy shares Congolese origins and she has been an impact player for national Belgian team this past ten years. Her basketball curriculum vitae are one of the most impressive of her generation (Belgian league champion and MVP, French cup finalist, currently playing in Italy in the top seeded team) and she is passionate at working with DRCB in order to help us reach our goals in Congo.

At the end of the month of June, the DRC Camp team held an independence anniversary basketball tournament at the sharks club in Kinshasa. This never seen before tournament in the capital city was be followed by the national Congolese television and the famous "voix du Congo" radio station.
br> During the event the sharks club, one of the most important sports facilities of the capital, hosted a total of 500 players for a unique basketball camp.

The camp included, morning practice sessions with individual workouts, men and women afternoon tournament, as well as evening basketball forums given by our Special Guest Kathy Wambe (How to get ready for the Professional world of Basketball), and M. Jacques Vandescure (Rules and regulations concerning international transfer).

As an addition gesture of sustainability, the DRCB team donated basketball gear (shirts, basketballs, coaching clipboard etc.).

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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