> Education through sports
Beside its basketball mission, DRCB is positioned as a local education actor through its close collaboration with existing recognized establishment. Being an education actor implies a day by day work in order to improve local infrastructure as well as helping with bringing in education and sports related supply.

DRCB made the choice of education as immediate action. Using sports as an educational vector seems natural to all members of the team following their personal experience. The importance of sports as an educational tool could be put forward by the numerous values transmitted through its practice. It is in deed recognized that the human and social values transmitted through sports are an essential tool for any professional career.

Many professional athletes are using those values and their success in order to make a change in the lives of thousands of people in their community and in their home country: Dikembe Mutombo (Basket-ball) and Yannick Noah (tennis) are just 2 main examples of athletes that put their success for the profit of their family, community and home land population.

Those examples serve as a constant inspiration to young African athletes, allowing them the dream of success but also, in the same breath, the understanding of the responsibilities success brings with it.

Sports as is, does not offer a sufficient level of education, but is rather a complementary educational tool, bringing to the table a very human and social approach often neglected in the regular schooling system. It is for that reason that sports education should always be combined with a high quality educational structure.

As part of this effort, DRCB is collaborating with the "Lycée Melende" a school hosting 1300 pupils on a daily basis.

Sustainable developpement through education and sports !
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